Beauty and the Beast – Blu-ray

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Beauty and the Beast - Blu-ray

Critique audio Beauty and the Beast – Blu-ray

Emma Watson, Dan Stevens, Luke Evans, Josh Gad, Kevin Kline, Hattie Morahan, Haydn Gwynne,
Gerard Horan,  Ray Fearon, Ewan McGregor, Ian ,McKellen,  Emma Thompson,  Nathan Mack, Audra McDonald, Stanley Tucci, Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Clive Rowe, Thomas Padden, Gizmo, Adam Mitchell, Harriet Jones

Nombre de Disque: 1

Nombre de Chapitres: 25

Durée: 2 hrs 9 mins

Language: anglais, français, espagnol

Sous-titres: anglais, français, espagnol

Commentaire Audio: Aucun

Suppléments sous-titrés: anglais, français, espagnol


“Beauty and the Beast” music Video by Ariana Grande and John Legend (4:02)

From Song to Screen: The Making of the Musical Sequences (13:26)

Making the Music Video Beauty and the Beast (2:07)

The Women Behind Beauty and the Beast (5:17)

Making a Moment with Céline Dion (3:24)

Extended Song: “Days in the Sun” (4:08)

Disney Song Selection (33:09)

Enchanted Table Read (13:31)

A Beauty of a Tale (27:08)

Deleted Scenes (6:23)

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