Terminator The Sarah Connor Chronicles Season 2 – Blu-ray

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Nombre de Disque: 5

Nombre d’épisodes: 22

Durée: 16 hrs 15 mins

Language: anglais

Sous-titres: anglais, français, espagnol, néerlandais, danois, finnois

Commentaire Audio: 4

Commentaire sous-titrés: Non

Suppléments sous-titrés: anglais, français, espagnol


Collision with the Future: Deconstructing the Hunter Killer Attact.
A 4 Part Multiple Viewpoint Experience on the Season FinaleAction Sequence

Audio Commentary on Episode “Adam Raised a Cain” (44:00)

Audio Commentary on Episode “Born to Run” (44:02)

Audio Commentary on Episode “Samson and Delilah” (44:40)

Audio Commentary on Episode “Allison from Palmdale” (44:41)

The Continuing Chronicles: Terminator – 8 Part Featurette

Write the Future (12:39)

The Conceptualization (8:18)

Blood and Metal (7:39)

Designing Destruction (7:32)

Choreographing Chaos (7:21)

War Stories (9:15)

Setting the Tempoo (13:15)

Motivations (9:51)

The Storyboard Process: Cameron Goes Bad Illustrates
How Key Sequences Are Mapped (2:55)

Cameron VS Rosie Fight Rehearsal (5:27)

Terminated Scenes (11:18)

Gag Reel (6:04)

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